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NEW SHOP! Tess and Carlos!

Welcome to Tess and Carlos, the newest shop in Tiverton Four Corners honorably upholding the village’s stylish reputation. Owned and operated by Tess and Carlos Pava of Cambridge MA this upscale clothing boutique offers sophisticated fashion pieces for quality-conscious customers ready to give their wardrobe some love and attention.

Tess and Carlos was founded by Tess Enright and Carlos Pava in 1995, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Although their Cambridge store is still home to the brand, the urban-chic clothing from the racks of Tess and Carlos has become a icon of metropolitan fashion far beyond the streets of Boston. Tess and Carlos is known for their carefully tailored, Italian-inspired fine cottons, linens, and printed tops and dresses. After nearly two decades in business, Tess & Carlos has expanded from their first Harvard Square store and now includes additional locations in Concord, Weston, Pittsford, NY, and now, Tiverton Four Corners.

Since the success of her urban storefronts, Tess says she was ready to get back to basics and the quiet charm and pace of Tiverton Four Corners is exactly what she had in mind. The town is, in many ways, a reflection of the Tess and Carlos brand itself: simple, casual, elegant and filled with culture.

“Our style is classic yet so different from anything you see in department stores; it’s very European,” says Tess.

And what exactly will you find at the Tiverton Tess and Carlos? Dresses, tops, accessories, and more. “Lots of people come for the t-shirts because the quality of cotton is just amazing,” says Tess, but she admits her Samantha Sung dresses are also a crowd pleaser.

“They will receive a lot of complements on what they’re wearing because the clothes are not fussy. People say, ‘Oh My God, that looks great on you,’ because it’s so simple. There’s really something for everyone.” says Tess.

In addition to stocking the work of fabulous international designers, the store offers very personalized attention and personal shoppers by request so you will walk out with everything you need to complete your on-of-a-kind wardrobe.

With summer at our fingertips, we invite you to stop by, stock up, and dress your best for this gorgeous season at Tess and Carlos. The new shop is located at 3879 Main Road in Tiverton, RI.


Get Ready for the 20th Annual Garden and Herb Festival in T4C!

If you haven’t heard about the Garden and Herb Festival, perk up your ears because this year’s celebration is going to be fantastic. Counting on now two decades of honoring spring’s bounty, Tiverton Four Corners will host the 20th annual Garden and Herb Festival on May 24th  from 10-4 on the lawn of the Soule-Seabury House.

Garden and Herb Festival 2011

This free, kid-friendly horticultural extravaganza will feature music, a petting zoo, pony rides, and popular local vendors offering everything from landscaping advice to raised bed garden kits, annuals & perennials, local art, treats, and the best tomato plants you will find for miles. Polly and her husband, who have a farm in Little Compton, have been running the Garden and Herb Festival in T4C for 20 years and they’re ready to celebrate!

“I love the Festival every year, but this year we are offering a special boxed lunch from Four Corners Grille and Carriage ride package. We wanted to something a little different since we are celebrating our 20th annual festival, but also wanted to keep with the feel of the historic village.”

Purchase a ticket for the lunch and carriage ride for only $15 and enjoy your choice of three locally-made sandwiches and a ride round the historic village. Kids will love the old-fashioned ride and you will too. The horse and carriage will be making stops around the village to drop people off and pick others up, so you can do some local shopping at your leisure.  “The festival is really fun for all, there is something for everyone.  It is in a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere.”

So mark your calendars and get your gardens ready for the best of this seasons pickings from Tiverton Four Corners.

The event takes place May 24th from 10am to 4pm rain or shine. See you there!

To purchase tickets for the boxed lunch and carriage ride and have your lunch waiting for you Saturday afternoon, click here.


Through the Lens of an Artist

In this age of digital sharing it seems just about anyone can call themselves a photographer, but only a selective few of these camera-savvy folk stand out as true artists. As Sally Swart of Cantin Photography knows all too well, capturing beautiful images takes more than the just right camera or equipment.

Her canvas-printed, mantelpiece-quality portrait shots are instead a product of her vision and artistic process, “I use photography as my palette, the camera is secondary,” says Swart amidst the warmth of her Tiverton Four Corners studio. One meeting with Sally Swart and her passion for photography comes to light, mostly through her exuberant and sometimes eccentric personality, but more deeply through a genuinely heartfelt devotion to making a portrait shot into a masterpiece.

According to Swart, there is a method to her masterpieces, and the first step: getting to know you. “Portraits tell stories, pictures do not. If I’m going to photograph them, I have to get to know them first,” she says; making heirlooms is no easy business after all. But to clients that frequent Swart’s studio the experience is a breeze. Either she spends the day with you and your family, or an hour with you in the studio, but either way Swart shared with us how personalizing the experience is one of her most precious tricks of the trade. After a session, the magic comes through the combinations, blending the right canvas and colors to make a beautiful portraits.


For Swart the country setting for her studio in Tiverton Four Corners was an obvious choice; it offers a “wonderful location for photography,” and sits central to the big cities of Newport, Providence, and Boston. Big city appeal and small town feel and service make her perfect neighbors to the 20 surrounding shops in the modern village each sharing a similar respect for the beauty of land and it’s people.

And Sally Swart knows something beautiful when she sees it. Swart started out photographing while sailing on the water where she met her husband. Her business has unfolded as Swart’s own life has evolved.. from sailboats to weddings, weddings to families, families to pets. She has won numerous awards for her portraiture and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America while proudly holding the title Master Photographer, and Master Craftsman. We’re not surprised.

“Everything is a metamorphosis” says Swart looking through a group of new shots for her next project: a book of portraiture from her travels to Africa, something else spectacular to look forward to from Cantin Photography. To learn more about Sally Swart and how you can get an appointment at her countryside studio call Sally at 401-624-4777 or visit her online at


Studio by the Sea is a Coastal Gem

A sparkling glass pendant known as the Fleur de Moi is jeweler Peter Tirpaeck’s latest project, but it’s certainly not his only one. A steady stream of work finds this established jeweler in his new studio in Tiverton Four Corners, where he custom designs men’s and women’s jewelry and fashion accessories while repairing, cleaning, and re-purposing old jewelry-box gems.

Miles above mall-store quality, you won’t ever find two of the same things here, “I make it better,” says Peter, and a well-trained eye would agree. Everything at Studio by the Sea is custom made in the shop in a wide range of styles, sizes, and volume.  An exquisite spacial, dimensional, and almost hypnotic quality to his work no doubt stems from his unique life perspective and a reflective mentality; “I like to go into another dimension” says Peter. He studied at RISD, and the Gemological Institute of America, but according to Peter, his greatest influence has been the multitude of artists he’s observed and absorbed. You can’t make it all up by yourself,” he says of his inspirations, “you’re not supposed to.” Still, years of metal work and mental precision combined with a jovial passion for finding his true calling make for stellar works of gem and metal art.


Since Peter moved into Four Corners in May, he’s spent his time coming up with new products –like the mandala-inspired “spinner”– as well as generating a generous inventory for the cozy second-floor shop. His pieces are products of a delicate process, “Whether it is the carving of a wax to cast a mold, or the setting of a stone ,or restoring a family heirloom, the attention we afford a piece always provides us with a different perspective from that which we started with,” says Peter. Detailed as a jeweler’s work can be, Peter works to capture each piece as part of a larger whole. The Fleur de Moi, for example, is a pendant belt but also a metaphor for a deeper self-awareness; positioned on your third chakra, the mica-speckled pendant is meant to symbolize dedication to self and an awareness for other’s respect for themselves. Peter spends time thinking about the life of his work long after it leaves the shop, with a graceful blend of mastery and utility.

After spending over four years in business at a studio in Little Compton, Peter is enthusiastic about the new wave of customers and business in Four Corners; “this is a true village,” he says, and visitors to Peter’s zen-like studio space will feel right at home.

No project is too big or small, Peter repairs everything and welcomes visitors for free cleaning, and design consultations. You can find him upstairs at 3879 Main Road in Tiverton, whistling while he works Wednesday through Sunday 11-5pm.

A Fresh Face for Summer in Four Corners

Tiverton Four Corners is proud to announce a handful of new shops and events to the neighborhood this summer, along with the usual store and event favorites you wont want to miss. Recently welcomed to the village, Perfectly Twisted Yarn and Studio by the Sea are both settled in at 3879 Main Rd next to the Provender. Just up the road, artist Katherine Lovell will enjoy her first summer in Four Corners at her studio in the Mill Pond Shops (south of the light). This Saturday June 9th  is the first growers market of the season! Expect to see your favorite quality vendors, musical performances, childrens activities, demonstrations, and more all summer long.

After you browse the market, head across the street to the new shops. Peter Tirpaeck is the owner of Studio by the Sea. Having moved his jeweler’s shop from Little Compton to Tiverton Four Corners, he hopes to create a more vivid and lively space for doing business. Partners Kate, Karen, and Maureen are excited to be a part of the T4C community at their new shop, Perfectly Twisted Yarn. They will be open daily 12-5 carrying yarn and knitting accessories and featuring lessons plus plenty of light-filled space to sit and knit. Katherine Lovell has been in Four Corners since January but looks forward to a busy summer in the studio where she’ll offer children’s art classes and lovely works of nature-inspired art.

Stay tuned for in-depth introductions to all three wonderful new small businesses!


This summer in Four Corners will also feature concerts, films, studio tours, demonstrations, and workshops. Enriching and picturesque Four Corners has a lot to offer this summer. Come “discover Rhode Island style” in Four Corners and let us know what you think!


Tuesdays 10 to 5

Here in Four Corners history stays sealed in the rock walls and rooftops, and the Union Public Library is no exception. The library is the second oldest in the state, started in 1829 by a small group of proprietary men hoping to establish a society of like-minded members for a small fee of $5. The original 24-page constitution for this “social library” outlined strict  guidelines for membership: “Only those of good moral character need apply,” and “only such books as relate to history, biography, philosophy, theology, chemistry, and poetry” were allowed. No politically unbalanced books, no fiction, and absolutely no members that didn’t fit the above description–which was agreed upon by a two-thirds vote by existing members. With 500 books in 1889, the library slowly evolved toward less exclusive membership, and a generous outpouring of literature ensued.

Although the building has gone through significant renovation, it retains the authentic small-town look and feel. Three sparkling rooms are filled with sunlight and over 62,000 titles, making the experience feel like somewhat of a treasure hunt for the imagination. A recently added children’s room beckons young readers to browse, sit on the floor, and find something to dip their eyes into the old-fashioned way. The small library also offers an enchanting reference room full of deep local history that would make any history buff’s heart skip a beat.

The Union Library is funded by individual and state grants, and is part of the Ocean State Libraries’ Circulatory. They offer wi-fi, discounted museum passes, audio-books, DVDs, and a outdoor drop box for returns. As book bindings, textures, smells, and piles-by-the-bed are intercepted by faster, sleeker technologies, borrowing from this library holds fast the same virtuous atmosphere of its roots. Libraries like this one are a treasure.

Business in Tiverton Four Corners have relaxed into the winter months, but the Union Public Library stays open its usual hours: Tuesdays 10-5 and Saturdays 10-1; a smiling comfort to those who look for a cozy place to spend a cold winter morning.


Proudly Presenting: The Visiting Artist Gallery

Four Corners is now showcasing Jessica Hagen, a Bellevue Avenue artist and gallery curator. A selection from her Newport gallery will be on display through July 14th  at 3848 Main Rd. Jessica is the first to participate in the Visiting Artist Gallery this summer, a space in Four Corners devoted to introducing new artwork to the local community. Her works feature local area artists, including sculptures by her brother Daniel Denton. Rich and vivid oil paintings, jewelry, and sculpture are available for viewing at the new outfitted space.

Jessica’s permanent gallery is located at 226 Bellevue Avenue in Newport, Rhode Island, where the artist fell in love with the seaside city and remains an active member of its historical community. Her fine art expertise and gallery experience make her a welcome member to the Four Corners neighborhood, bustling this summer with outstanding art from regional locations. The Visiting Artist Gallery is a sweet and cheerful addition.

Be sure to stop in and meet Jessica or her brother Dan, and check back often for the rest of the summer’s line up at our newest space.

The JH visiting gallery is open from 10-6pm daily.


Bustling with Reds Whites and Blues

A busy weekend in Four Corners brought visitors to celebrate a perfect New England tradition: antique shopping. There were fabrics and flatware, impressive artwork, estate jewelry, and plenty of exclusive pieces to please collectors and admirers of all varieties at this year’s Antique Show.

The event took place on the lawn of the Meeting House and was put together by Ferguson & D’Arruda, a company based out of Providence and well-versed in a well-run antique show. A wonderfully relaxing day, the show provided a unique way to experience the time-honored history of our country and its precious variety of culture and pride.

Hope your weekend was full of bright colors of the season. Happy Fourth of July to you all.


For Everything Small and Soft..

No one’s more fun to shop for than the kids, and this little shop makes it oh so easy to revel in the “little” things. Located south of the light at Four Corners, Little Purls is a double floor boutique featuring affordably-chic children’s clothing and adorable gifts for infants, toddlers, and big kids too. The lovingly cared for historic building is a one-stop mother’s haven known for its distinctive taste and small business charm. The inside feels something like an old colonial home with whispering floor boards, exposed wood beams, and cozy nooks inviting you to wander through any way you like. Spend time marveling in the out-of-the-box product arrangements –like the old sleigh full of Hatley pajamas– then send your kids over to the giant basket of toys…shop, and be happy.

Flap Happy sun hats (turtle variety above)UPF 50+!! If you’re looking for a hat to keep out the summer sun, here it is. This one keeps their little heads and necks completely covered, and comes in many cute colors and prints for boys and girls.

Unique to Little Purls is store owner Sue Hutson‘s love for children’s literature. Sue has been at Little Purls for 26 years and has developed a commendable knack for choosing the best of everything, including books. A proud grandmother of two, her little “library” has great classics and fun newbies you and your family will love. (Sue gives great recommendations if you’re looking for a gift, or just a new read.)

Little Purls loves classic names like See Kai Run, Emilie et Rose, Melissa and Doug, and Charlie Rocket. For  a full list of their outstanding brands, visit

Inspired by: A Traveling Pair of Women, and the Souls of their Shoes.

It wasn’t long after she walked into Gallery4, that Alix Cambell fell in love…with a rug. A beautiful deep red rug that made her heart flutter and mind race thinking of the possibilities. But then, she was just a customer…

Long before Gallery4–when the space was just an engineering firm– another love was born. Elaine Hill was living a childhood dream, flying around the world as a flight attendant and making regular, international stops, her favorite of which was from New York to Turkey, a 13-hour one-way flight. With each trip to the mosaic region of the middle east, Elaine brought “wonderful treasures” home to share, or to keep, and soon grew terribly fond of the extraordinary craftsmanship, designs, and cultural history behind what she was buying. Soon she was packing shopping lists in her carry-on, all for friends, family, and acquaintances envying her bounty.

In an unexpected turn of events, Elaine’s career changed forever. September 11th, 2001 devastated her job description by instituting military-like training and demands on airline personnel. After 35 years, Elaine chose to retire. But, as with every ending, that is when a new adventure began for Elaine. Departing from her career with an impressive collection of Turkish imports and a very loyal client base, Elaine accepted an offer to, for one summer, share a gallery space in Tiverton Four Corners with two strangers, Bob Smith and Susan Freda (soon to become valuable business partners, and important friends). The summer of 2003 Gallery4 debut was a hit, and one summer turned into many years, where all three members found permanent homes for their goods.

Elaine Hill and Alix Cambell of “Silk Road Traders”

In stepped Alix Cambell. Alix had worked in the printing and graphics industry and would often come to Gallery4 to buy gifts and admire the imports. “I had ten minutes to buy a birthday gift, and there was this killer red rug, it totally took me by surprise.” The rest, the women say, is history and a lot of hard work. Alix and Elaine became partners (after a succession of rug sales to Alix to satisfy her new-found love) and now travel to Istanbul once a year with a strict budget to survey and choose new imports. Their day lasts from 9 in the morning until sometimes 11 at night visiting sellers, choosing and appraising fabrics, and sometimes guiding the cut and shape of their rugs.

Elaine and Alix’s business, “Silk Road Traders,” speaks to the remarkable trade route where eastern art and craftsmanship originated. Participating in a modern trade route of sorts, their collection includes tribal and contemporary rugs, jewelry, scarves, purses, bags, shoes, and furniture. And each piece is beyond unique. Rugs vary depending on what a given sheep ate that day, or how much lanolin was in their wool. Plants (or bugs) the manufacturers use for dying –like pink rhubarb or shimmering black beetles– affect the depth and range of colors in a piece. The two women work to maintain a gallery of lush colors and quality pieces.

An entire underground room full of rugs at Gallery 4 is where the real magic lies. There you can hear about Nepalese villagers and nomads, dowry pieces, and camel bags-turned-floor-mats. Don’t be shy if Elaine or Alix invite you to “come on downstairs.” It’s another world of lovely.


Alix hasn’t lost the passion she felt when she first encountered the vibrant and luminous red rugs. The color, beauty, and intensity of the rugs still inspire her; it’s “they way they change a room, the way they changed my life.”

Elaine has found a new home in Tiverton Four Corners at Gallery4, and wears her Turkish slippers to work everyday.