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Love from T4C

Love is in the air at Four Corners and our shops are busy stocking special deals and darling gifts just for you! Our lovable local gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some favorites!

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More Great Deals!
Tiffany Peay is offering limited-time Valentine’s charms (pictured above) and free jewelry cleaner with any February purchase; Amy Lund Handweaver has made a stock full of soft and lovable scarves (all 14% off this month); Little Purls children’s shop is offering a ONE-DAY special on FEB 11TH–buy 2 items at 50% off and receive a free box of candy; Milk and Honey has new Laurent Vals Passionata dark chocolates, and Courtyards is offering free $10 gift card with any $30 purchase of their specialty gifts. Stop by and see for yourself what other great deals are happening on our block!

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From Oceans Away

Of all the events that took place at at Four Corners this summer, this one was probably the most glamorous. Lustrous pearls arrived at Tiffany Peay from Austrailia and beyond, in the hands of Pamela Fox, a “gemologist” specializing in gorgeous, quality pearls. Traditional and unusual cuts and colors were displayed on the glass countertops of Tiffany Peay’s fine jewelry boutique, and they did more than look pretty. The pearls were inspiration for tons of new looks by Tiffany.

“This is agriculture at it’s best,” said Pamela, who’s from Sydney, Australia and has spent a career collecting and distributing pearls, gems, and diamonds. Peter Tirpaeck of Studio by the Sea of Little Compton was also on hand to service jewelry brought in by customers. The pearls seemed to glow and sparkle with ease, but the process of harvesting them proves to be an extremely lengthy and specific procedure. While fresh water pearls take only 3 months to culture, South Sea varieties can take up to 3 years.

Pamela was only in town for four days, but long after the pearl show Tiffany still has a lot to share about why she loves gems so much. Stop in and fall in love with the looks.

Here are a couple of pictures of girls who just want to have fun, with pearls…

Get Inspired by: TIFFANY PEAY

Tiffany Peay Heirloom Jewelry

Color, Movement, and SimplicityTiffany Peay’s jewelry is full of life, just like the artist. Every February you can find Tiffany Peay in Tucson, Arizona scoping out the gem festival in search of unique and colorful gems to express personal style and complement her collection of gorgeous, chunky, colored gem stones.The rest of the year she’s right here in T4C in her very own boutique selling and making an inspiring collection of colorful “modern heirloom” pieces. Tiffany opened in T4C in 2007 but has been making jewelry for over 14 years, and it shows. Delicate details of her work and her precious gem expertise are sought by local customers, whether they’re buying special occasion earrings or simple charms. Her inspiring and intimate store invites anyone looking for something truly unique…

Tiffany Peay Heirloom Jewelry

Tiffany Peay Heirloom Jewelry

Tiffany Peay Heirloom Jewelry

Tiffany found her way to Four Corners by chance, but hopes to relocate here from her Fall River home this summer, because frankly, “we’re in paradise here,” she says.

GEMS SHE LOVES: blues, greens, and tourmaline
INSPIRED BY: stones and architecture
JUST FOR THE RECORD: Tiffany sews too, she makes all her own displays and accessories!
WHEN SHE’S NOT MAKING JEWELRY: You can find her at the Paquachuck Inn designing, or relaxing by the waterfront.

Find Tiffany’s stunning collection of modern heirloom jewelry at