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Trio @ Gallery 4

An auspicious numerical figure, three is often a representation of balance, harmony, and completion. The newest exhibit at Gallery4 expresses the essence of these attributes with elegance and cohesion. The works of three bold contemporary artists, Ruth Hamill, Susan Strauss, and Harry Nadler are on display in a brilliant showcase of color and imagery under the wing of Gallery4. Amidst dazzling red rugs and decorative art within the centrally located gallery, TRIO: Texture, Stucture, Passion is a must-see this summer.

Coming together for the first time, the three artists represent a range of passionate expression. Ruth Hamill is a native of Massachusetts and blends various oil painting techniques with ancient ritual, infusing her landscape inspired paintings with historic reverence, volume, and graceful commotion. Susan Strauss has showcased at the Gallery before, but her evocative works are just as stunning the second time; washes of vibrant colors vibrate on the canvas giving viewers an emotional impression of movement and serenity. Lastly we gaze upon the late Harry Nadler‘s geometric masterpieces. His structured work varies greatly from the fluidity of the two surrounding female artists, yet the depth and intelligence of the paintings together provide ample congruence. Nadler’s beloved paintings along with Strauss and Hamill reminded us of the magnetism and seduction of lines, value, and color.

Come see for yourself at Gallery 4, 3848 Main Rd. Tiverton Four Corners, RI 02878. 

The exhibit runs through September 7th 2014. For more information contact the gallery at 401-816-0999 or online


To capture the essence of something remarkable is the work of an artist; to be able to pass on these glimpses of experience, emotion and reality is the lucid mark of a great one. Harry Nadler, one of the distinctive abstract expressionists of his time has made his mark on art communities around the world and continues to inspire viewers over twenty years after his death. Nadler, who died at age 60, well before his artistic vision was complete, remains a lively part of the art world through his vivid, transcendent works. His paintings, ranging from geometric wall-sized masterpieces to a less characteristic Moroccan portraits, are now showing at Gallery4 through September 25th as part of the much-anticipated retrospective, Harry Nadler 1930-1990, Evolution: Ingres to Geometric Abstraction.

The opening reception was held last Friday where Harry’s wife, Helen Nadler was present amidst the backdrop of her husband’s beautifully positioned pieces. Gallery 4 is representing the estate of Harry Nadler thanks to the support of Helen, an artist herself and now Little Compton resident who has cherished and shared her perspective of Harry’s lifetime as an artist. Her memories are captured in a distinguished book on display at the exhibit, Harry Nadler, Retrospective 1930-1990.” “For Harry the activity of painting was a way of connecting separate realities….His explorations were about weaving the space, and creating the ambiguity of figure and ground… Breaking edges, boundaries, merging the spatial and temporal…”using visual language to express deep ethical concerns.”

Committed to artistic study, Harry found enduring inspiration in European artists such as Cézanne, and felt equally compelled engage with his fellow 20th century community of artists. After studying in California and Europe, Harry set off to fufill his yearnings New York, where he spent much of his post-degree lifetime teaching and studying. Despite is constant immersion in the field, he maintained a unique style.  “Nadler was unlike most artsits of our time because he never felt the compulsion to find any “trademark,” or signature motif. He had a refreshing confidence in his own originality…”

The transformation of Harry’s works can be followed through his lifetime; this exhibit showcases 60 years of transformation, thought, and perspective. John Spike, a close friend of Harry had the pleasure of witnessing his artistic evolution. “It is obvious from this retrospective exhibition that even in the very last works…Nadler was employing to the upmost every aspect of the age and experience and talent and intellect that were granted him in this life.” As you wander the inspirational space, feel the walls and gallery owners shine as they know they have something really special here.