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A Fitting Arrangement

There’s something new downstairs from Gallery 4…not to mention something old, borrowed, and blue. Arn Krebs has recently taken up shop, alongside Susan Freda, in a new space devoted to their fine jewelry creations, making heads turn and newly-wed hands sparkle. In their shared, full-service jewlery shop, Arn makes beautiful custom wedding and engagement bands in a variety of styles and metal combinations that can only be described as beautifully…handsome.

Downstairs at 3848 Main Road, the sound of grinding metal and faint smell of sawdust attest to the hard work of something handmade, while the luster of the final products show off Arn’s years of metal and goldsmith talent. The Colorado native has spent over 10 years as a metalsmith, the last 4 of which have been on the East Coast, traveling between Boston and Tiverton, RI. As an artist of an extremely specialized craft, Arn has mastered what it takes to be, simultaneously, creative and utilitarian. His work is unique and precise, and his jewelry “clean, natural, organic, and elegant.” 

Arn works with mostly reclaimed metals as well  as a colorful selection of rare and luminous gemstones that he and Sue hand-pick in Tuscon, Arizona each year. Diamonds, moonstone, sapphires, labradorite, and opals are just some of the gemstones shining around the shop these days. One of the more unique and symbolic metals he uses is called mokume gane, a beautiful fusion of several precious, layered metals. The modern method of preparing mokume into functional pieces is borrowed from an ancient japanese sword-making technique where metals such as platinum, gold, steel, or silver are combined into a multi-layer billet and then manipulated with heat and pressure into highly choreographed designs.“If you cut the billet in half, it’s a mirror image,” says Arn, a perfect symbol of a symmetrical bond. Partnering with Sue Freda, Arn’s creations likewise represent a harmonious blending of masculine and feminine symmetries.

Arn is a skilled sculptor, carpenter, and designer with both a BFA and MFA in sculpture, and will continue to work with a variety of mediums. But for now he enjoys making wedding jewelry because of its intimate process; “designing with people…finding what’s important to them and trying to manifest that into something that’s meaningful” is his specialty. As a full service shop, Arn is on hand for repairs and custom orders; he can make or fix just about anything. And, “if we don’t have something, we can get it,” says Arn.

Arn is in the gallery most days, making jewelry, resetting stones, resizing rings, engraving, and experimenting with new designs. Both Sue and Arn are available for consultation by appointment, and will be appearing together in Trade Shows around New England this fall. Bring your jewelry and your friends!


Light Air Gold and Wire

Susan Freda was born to make art. For some people, it just happens that way. Growing up with curious mind, and curious hands, she eventually received a BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design, and went on to receive her Master’s degree at Mass Art. Now, Sue’s natural affinity for conceptual design has gained her local and international recognition.

During her early career Sue had one eye on the runway; her linear-modern wire dresses made extravagant statements in the world of high fashion. These crocheted works of art floated into numerous galleries and museums in the US and overseas where they became known for their elemental nature. The gentle intensity of her work captures the natural world and captivates the room, while an ephemeral, romantic quality reflects light and creates a sort of luminous halo around each of the pieces. With names like “cloud” and “nest,” her jewelry lines reveal the earth-inspired movement behind her work. Susan’s newest series of jewelry make bold statements and are special enough to be passed down as heirlooms. Her current focus is on custom engagement rings, and other special occasion jewelry.

Susan works mainly with reclaimed gold, silver, and vermeil (a blend of both), and all her pieces are one of a kind, inspired by snap shots of her environment and experience. “It’s hard to describe the artist drive, it’s just about communicating what you experience…to have an idea and change it into something new for the world.” Wire is a unique and incredibly malleable medium where she hones her patience and seeks a sense of meditation.

As all artists, Susan’s work has evolved, and continues to change in subtle and remarkable ways. She busies her self in her new studio under Gallery4 where she and partner Arn Krebs, operate a full service metal and wire shop, fulfilling custom orders, repairs, and consultations.

She has been granted the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award, A De Young Museum Residency, and a Scholarship Pilchuck Glass School. Her work is in the collection of Meditech, Stuart Weitzman, Neiman Marcus, and Fidelity, among others. To learn more about Sue and Arn, visit her website or visit her and her collection in person at Gallery4 at 3848 Main Road in Tiverton.

Wander through her gallery space, try on a ring or necklace, and be enchanted by the light.