NEW SHOP! Tess and Carlos!

Welcome to Tess and Carlos, the newest shop in Tiverton Four Corners honorably upholding the village’s stylish reputation. Owned and operated by Tess and Carlos Pava of Cambridge MA this upscale clothing boutique offers sophisticated fashion pieces for quality-conscious customers ready to give their wardrobe some love and attention.

Tess and Carlos was founded by Tess Enright and Carlos Pava in 1995, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Although their Cambridge store is still home to the brand, the urban-chic clothing from the racks of Tess and Carlos has become a icon of metropolitan fashion far beyond the streets of Boston. Tess and Carlos is known for their carefully tailored, Italian-inspired fine cottons, linens, and printed tops and dresses. After nearly two decades in business, Tess & Carlos has expanded from their first Harvard Square store and now includes additional locations in Concord, Weston, Pittsford, NY, and now, Tiverton Four Corners.

Since the success of her urban storefronts, Tess says she was ready to get back to basics and the quiet charm and pace of Tiverton Four Corners is exactly what she had in mind. The town is, in many ways, a reflection of the Tess and Carlos brand itself: simple, casual, elegant and filled with culture.

“Our style is classic yet so different from anything you see in department stores; it’s very European,” says Tess.

And what exactly will you find at the Tiverton Tess and Carlos? Dresses, tops, accessories, and more. “Lots of people come for the t-shirts because the quality of cotton is just amazing,” says Tess, but she admits her Samantha Sung dresses are also a crowd pleaser.

“They will receive a lot of complements on what they’re wearing because the clothes are not fussy. People say, ‘Oh My God, that looks great on you,’ because it’s so simple. There’s really something for everyone.” says Tess.

In addition to stocking the work of fabulous international designers, the store offers very personalized attention and personal shoppers by request so you will walk out with everything you need to complete your on-of-a-kind wardrobe.

With summer at our fingertips, we invite you to stop by, stock up, and dress your best for this gorgeous season at Tess and Carlos. The new shop is located at 3879 Main Road in Tiverton, RI.


Yarn for Everyone!

There’s a new yarn shop in town! It’s Perfectly Twisted Yarn, a sweet and simple addition to the Four Corners Village happily stocking a colorful inventory of yarns and accessories for everyone’s knitting needs. After Sakonnet Pearls closed earlier this year a piece of village life was missing from the hearts of locals, luckily these three women banned together to bring back what they and many other yarn-lovers were sorely missing. They are Kate, Karen, and Maureen, a mother, daughter, and good friend with a combined mastermind of knowledge about all things knitting.

Not just a yarn shop the ladies hope to create a new community gathering space for folks to spend as long as their hearts desire to sit, learn, and knit. The women hope to commence classes in the fall, so check back at their website often for up to date information on products and class offerings. In the meantime, stop by and say hello to the newest members of four corners community and most delightful knitting shop around. From buttons to bags this shop will surely inspire your inner knitter.

Perfectly Twisted Yarn is open Tuesday-Sunday 12:30-5pm at 3879 Main Rd next to the Provender. Visit them online at

Tuesdays 10 to 5

Here in Four Corners history stays sealed in the rock walls and rooftops, and the Union Public Library is no exception. The library is the second oldest in the state, started in 1829 by a small group of proprietary men hoping to establish a society of like-minded members for a small fee of $5. The original 24-page constitution for this “social library” outlined strict  guidelines for membership: “Only those of good moral character need apply,” and “only such books as relate to history, biography, philosophy, theology, chemistry, and poetry” were allowed. No politically unbalanced books, no fiction, and absolutely no members that didn’t fit the above description–which was agreed upon by a two-thirds vote by existing members. With 500 books in 1889, the library slowly evolved toward less exclusive membership, and a generous outpouring of literature ensued.

Although the building has gone through significant renovation, it retains the authentic small-town look and feel. Three sparkling rooms are filled with sunlight and over 62,000 titles, making the experience feel like somewhat of a treasure hunt for the imagination. A recently added children’s room beckons young readers to browse, sit on the floor, and find something to dip their eyes into the old-fashioned way. The small library also offers an enchanting reference room full of deep local history that would make any history buff’s heart skip a beat.

The Union Library is funded by individual and state grants, and is part of the Ocean State Libraries’ Circulatory. They offer wi-fi, discounted museum passes, audio-books, DVDs, and a outdoor drop box for returns. As book bindings, textures, smells, and piles-by-the-bed are intercepted by faster, sleeker technologies, borrowing from this library holds fast the same virtuous atmosphere of its roots. Libraries like this one are a treasure.

Business in Tiverton Four Corners have relaxed into the winter months, but the Union Public Library stays open its usual hours: Tuesdays 10-5 and Saturdays 10-1; a smiling comfort to those who look for a cozy place to spend a cold winter morning.


In Shape in Four Corners

Kettlebells, Vinyasa, Turbo-Spin… whether these words are new to you, or entirely familiar, you can be sure they will improve your health. Just ask Steve Priestner. He’s the main man at Four Corners Fitness, a personal training studio and fitness center known to motivate health into your mind and body.

Four Corners Fitness has been around the block for a few years offering extremely personalized personal training. With no membership or initiation fees, it makes for a welcoming and desirable fitness destination. Steve Priestner, along with a qualified team of certified trainers and instructors, represent a well-rounded, whole health-minded program focused on fulfilling your long-term health goals. Weather it’s shedding pounds, getting toned, or just getting motivated, getting a personal trainer gives just the right amount of boost, making it easier to set goals and keep them, all you have to do first is arrive. In the last year, the studio team has added a range of energizing fitness classes at the adjacent ABC studio, catering to all levels of age, interest, and ability.

More than a fitness studio, Four Corners Fitness a community gathering place, says Priestner. Going to class at ABC studio gives Tiverton and Little Compton folk a chance to meet up, exchange their town’s respective happenings, and maybe sweat a little, or a lot, depending on which class they attend. An average Kettlebells workout burns a whopping 1200 calories in just one hour, and high-energy indoor cycling could burn anywhere from 400-600 calories in a single session. If this doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry, a generous offering of yoga, tai chi, and zumba are available to get your blood flowing.

And, because aesthetics matter, an airy studio atmosphere invites just the right amount of privacy, light, and open space. 

Another charming perk of working out here is the beautiful collection of art work by local artist Kelly Milukas displayed on the fitness center walls. Created for the Key Campaign, colorful paintings and photographs for sale celebrate the science of regenerative medicine and the body’s unique ability to heal itself.

Whether you find yourself doing bicep curls or downward dog, Four Corners Fitness is a delightful place to be for appreciating the most important and versatile tool in your life, your body. 

Personal Training is offered by appointment and fitness classes are offered morning, afternoon and evening. To see the full schedule of classes visit 

The Meeting House: Love at First Sight

 Simple beauty of the most splendid sort can sometimes be found in the likeliest of places. The Meeting House in Four Corners is well-situated treasure, tucked inside the elegant folds of Tiverton Four Corners’ rural horizon. It’s placement amidst the 300-year old historic village embraces a rich culture of New England traditions and classical charm. But even a place surrounded by picturesque farmland, and gorgeous bay views can take you by surprise…

An entirely functional special event facility, The Meeting House sits gracefully awaiting guests of all kinds. First used as an art gallery, the House now welcomes non-profit events, private parties, and most of the time, brides and grooms. The Meeting House was built in the late 90s on over an acre of private land, surrounded by overflowing shade trees and thick greenery, making it a perfect location for intimate gatherings.  The large barn-style house features a simple white wall interior lined with thick wood beams and generous amount of sun-lit space. This ambient architecture mimics the structure and simplicity of old 17th and 18th century meeting houses, preserving the ideas of grace and fortitude present in an early New England sanctuaries.

If you find yourself at the Meeting House, take a minute to walk behind the grassy hills of its backyard, or to sit quietly under the expanded ceilings of the roof. There you might discover the sanctity of peace, love in the silence, and simplitity in the beauty. Recently, The Meeting House adopted the saying “Tis a gift to be simple..” a line from an 18th century Shaker hymn reminding us that simplicity is a time-honored heirloom passed down through generations to have and to hold.

For more information about The Meeting House visit

A Fitting Arrangement

There’s something new downstairs from Gallery 4…not to mention something old, borrowed, and blue. Arn Krebs has recently taken up shop, alongside Susan Freda, in a new space devoted to their fine jewelry creations, making heads turn and newly-wed hands sparkle. In their shared, full-service jewlery shop, Arn makes beautiful custom wedding and engagement bands in a variety of styles and metal combinations that can only be described as beautifully…handsome.

Downstairs at 3848 Main Road, the sound of grinding metal and faint smell of sawdust attest to the hard work of something handmade, while the luster of the final products show off Arn’s years of metal and goldsmith talent. The Colorado native has spent over 10 years as a metalsmith, the last 4 of which have been on the East Coast, traveling between Boston and Tiverton, RI. As an artist of an extremely specialized craft, Arn has mastered what it takes to be, simultaneously, creative and utilitarian. His work is unique and precise, and his jewelry “clean, natural, organic, and elegant.” 

Arn works with mostly reclaimed metals as well  as a colorful selection of rare and luminous gemstones that he and Sue hand-pick in Tuscon, Arizona each year. Diamonds, moonstone, sapphires, labradorite, and opals are just some of the gemstones shining around the shop these days. One of the more unique and symbolic metals he uses is called mokume gane, a beautiful fusion of several precious, layered metals. The modern method of preparing mokume into functional pieces is borrowed from an ancient japanese sword-making technique where metals such as platinum, gold, steel, or silver are combined into a multi-layer billet and then manipulated with heat and pressure into highly choreographed designs.“If you cut the billet in half, it’s a mirror image,” says Arn, a perfect symbol of a symmetrical bond. Partnering with Sue Freda, Arn’s creations likewise represent a harmonious blending of masculine and feminine symmetries.

Arn is a skilled sculptor, carpenter, and designer with both a BFA and MFA in sculpture, and will continue to work with a variety of mediums. But for now he enjoys making wedding jewelry because of its intimate process; “designing with people…finding what’s important to them and trying to manifest that into something that’s meaningful” is his specialty. As a full service shop, Arn is on hand for repairs and custom orders; he can make or fix just about anything. And, “if we don’t have something, we can get it,” says Arn.

Arn is in the gallery most days, making jewelry, resetting stones, resizing rings, engraving, and experimenting with new designs. Both Sue and Arn are available for consultation by appointment, and will be appearing together in Trade Shows around New England this fall. Bring your jewelry and your friends!


For Everything Small and Soft..

No one’s more fun to shop for than the kids, and this little shop makes it oh so easy to revel in the “little” things. Located south of the light at Four Corners, Little Purls is a double floor boutique featuring affordably-chic children’s clothing and adorable gifts for infants, toddlers, and big kids too. The lovingly cared for historic building is a one-stop mother’s haven known for its distinctive taste and small business charm. The inside feels something like an old colonial home with whispering floor boards, exposed wood beams, and cozy nooks inviting you to wander through any way you like. Spend time marveling in the out-of-the-box product arrangements –like the old sleigh full of Hatley pajamas– then send your kids over to the giant basket of toys…shop, and be happy.

Flap Happy sun hats (turtle variety above)UPF 50+!! If you’re looking for a hat to keep out the summer sun, here it is. This one keeps their little heads and necks completely covered, and comes in many cute colors and prints for boys and girls.

Unique to Little Purls is store owner Sue Hutson‘s love for children’s literature. Sue has been at Little Purls for 26 years and has developed a commendable knack for choosing the best of everything, including books. A proud grandmother of two, her little “library” has great classics and fun newbies you and your family will love. (Sue gives great recommendations if you’re looking for a gift, or just a new read.)

Little Purls loves classic names like See Kai Run, Emilie et Rose, Melissa and Doug, and Charlie Rocket. For  a full list of their outstanding brands, visit


It’s here! Four Corners has ten unique and quality picks to inspire your Father’s Day shopping, all from our very own area artisans, (did you know we are a TAX-FREE arts district?)…


NANKEEN INDIGO-DYED TIES etc. A classic spin on the traditional tie, perfect for formal and casual occasions. Be sure to visit Nankeen (now located next-door to The Provender) for other men’s accessories including i-pod carrying casesweekend bags, belts, locally-made baseball caps and more…

Nankeen Men's

IMPORTED TURKISH KILIM SLIPPERS. Art you can wear. Stylish and sophisticated from Gallery4.

turkish slippers at gallery4

CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINING... or a ten class pass at Four Corners Fitness…a fantastic and practical gift. The bright studio offers a range of fitness classes throughout the week. The schedule is available online at

ITALIAN PEWTER GLASSWARE. A refined find from The Cottage at Four Corners.

ROSEBERRY-WINN HANDMADE PATTERNED MUGS. For the coffee and tea drinkers. Designs are all hand-crafted and come in a range of sizes (and bold colors) to accommodate your Dad’s beverage of choice. Throw in a jar of local honey from Milk and Honey Bazaar and your gift is complete!


. Make your own with your Dad’s favorite cooking ingredients! Line with a handwoven chef’s towel from Amy Lund Handweaver, and fill it with a cookbook from the Cottage, they have a fantastic selection. If you’re short on time, Milk and Honey Bazaar designs beautiful custom baskets, and they stock hand-carved cutting boards.

fathers day


COASTAL WINE TRAIL FESTIVAL TICKETS. This is perfect…Sunday June 26th kicks off the Coastal Wine Trail tour at Sakonnet Vineyards with vendors offering samples of their best food and wine. And live music. Doesn’t get better than that. For more details visit

CRIBBAGE TABLE! His very own beautiful wood game table from Cortyards.

. Every man needs one of these… available at The Cottage.


And finally, A DAY WITH YOU. The Provender will make the sandwiches, Gray’s will scoop your favorite ice cream….blissful family time…is always a perfect gift.

For links to all the Four Corners Shops, visit

A Day in the Garden…

We’ll all have happy gardens after this weekend at T4C (and a little help from the sun). The 17th Annual Garden and Herb Festival was a day of sparkling plants, herbs, and local crafts, all together on the lawn of the Soule-Seabury House…

Nancy from THE SUNNY WINDOW heard about T4C’s G&H festival in the Boston Globe over ten years ago and decided to make a day-trip; “we had lunch, took a hike, and came here, and have been coming back for ten years…” As a vendor no less. Find her after the festival at

Plants, Plants, Plants

Under the Tents

Happy Memorial Day! We hope your gardens bloom, and special thanks to all our vendors who made the day so fantastic…


Nature Walks at Tiverton Four Corners

If you’re looking for an enchanting place to spend with your kids, find Four Corners… where the grass is green, the ice cream’s cold, and the entertainment is free (usually). You and the kids will be delighted to explore this gorgeous village, a giant step away from crowded malls, gyms, and beaches. Take a hike through miles of open farmland, picturesque flower gardens, rock walls, and shady trees. On Sundays don’t forget your yoga mat for family yoga at the ABC studio. Watch for varied-age art and music classes, theater performances, and concerts offered through the Four Corners Art Center. And for the little (and big) shoppers? Little Purls has award-winning children’s gifts, books, clothing, and toys (check back for summer story times). Just a short ride to the bike path, a day in the village will surely tire them out.

But the number one reason your kids will beg you to return to T4C is, of course…the ice cream. Grey’s homemade Ice Cream to be exact.

Grays Ice Cream at Tiverton Four Corners

One of the few places in Rhode Island that preserves the joys of simple living…make a day trip and enjoy the space, and an ice cream (you have to get one too).