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Crystal Healing Light Therapy: Tiffany Peay Jewelry

The following is a guest post by Tiffany Peay Jewelry

In May of 2015, I took a spiritual journey to the heart of Brazil to visit the Casa de Dom Inacio. Amazing healings are performed by spiritual Entities through the help of a medium named João Teixeira de Faria, also known as John of God. This profound experience inspired me to bring back one of the healing modalities used at the Casa to share at my shop in Tiverton, RI.  The Crystal Bed features seven extremely clear and highly polished quartz crystals, which have each been cut to a specific frequency. The crystals are suspended approximately 12 inches above a single bed where the client lies face up as each crystal is centered over one of the seven human energy centers, or chakras. Colored lights, chosen to match the chakra colors, radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective chakra, shining on and off in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance, and align the client’s energies. The client rests with eyes closed, bathing in the energy. This safe, non-invasive healing modality can be used to address a wide-range of intentions. I encourage everyone with an open mind and heart to experience it.



While in Brazil, I had around eight forty minute sessions. The first week consisted of quiet dreamlike meditations while the second week was a little more intense. I asked for clarity on whether or not to bring back a blessed John of God Crystal Bed to share at the shop. My mind was flooded with incredible visions of happiness and healing. I found myself crying with tears of joy and excitement. It was clear to me and I am thrilled for all to try. Having the crystal bed here is like having access to another dimension.

This modality really resonated with me because I create jewelry featuring a wide range of gemstones. My jewelry is all about color and movement as well as the healing attributes of the gems. I hand make all of the jewelry on the premise and showcase the collection here as well in a comfortable and beautiful setting. Jewelry is an amazing way to make the wearer feel beautiful and it can aid in healing and raising your vibration. Cleanse your auras while we clean your jewels.


Sessions cost $1 per minute and are given in 20, 40 or 60 minutes.

Please call to schedule your appointment today 401.816.0878.

We invite you to experience the powers of a John of God Crystal Bed and my jewelry at 3851 Main Road, Tiverton Four Corners, RI 02878.

Visit our website or shop for more information on the Crystal Bed and Tiffany Peay Jewelry. To stay connected please join the mailing list and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest.

Trio @ Gallery 4

An auspicious numerical figure, three is often a representation of balance, harmony, and completion. The newest exhibit at Gallery4 expresses the essence of these attributes with elegance and cohesion. The works of three bold contemporary artists, Ruth Hamill, Susan Strauss, and Harry Nadler are on display in a brilliant showcase of color and imagery under the wing of Gallery4. Amidst dazzling red rugs and decorative art within the centrally located gallery, TRIO: Texture, Stucture, Passion is a must-see this summer.

Coming together for the first time, the three artists represent a range of passionate expression. Ruth Hamill is a native of Massachusetts and blends various oil painting techniques with ancient ritual, infusing her landscape inspired paintings with historic reverence, volume, and graceful commotion. Susan Strauss has showcased at the Gallery before, but her evocative works are just as stunning the second time; washes of vibrant colors vibrate on the canvas giving viewers an emotional impression of movement and serenity. Lastly we gaze upon the late Harry Nadler‘s geometric masterpieces. His structured work varies greatly from the fluidity of the two surrounding female artists, yet the depth and intelligence of the paintings together provide ample congruence. Nadler’s beloved paintings along with Strauss and Hamill reminded us of the magnetism and seduction of lines, value, and color.

Come see for yourself at Gallery 4, 3848 Main Rd. Tiverton Four Corners, RI 02878. 

The exhibit runs through September 7th 2014. For more information contact the gallery at 401-816-0999 or online

NEW SHOP! Tess and Carlos!

Welcome to Tess and Carlos, the newest shop in Tiverton Four Corners honorably upholding the village’s stylish reputation. Owned and operated by Tess and Carlos Pava of Cambridge MA this upscale clothing boutique offers sophisticated fashion pieces for quality-conscious customers ready to give their wardrobe some love and attention.

Tess and Carlos was founded by Tess Enright and Carlos Pava in 1995, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Although their Cambridge store is still home to the brand, the urban-chic clothing from the racks of Tess and Carlos has become a icon of metropolitan fashion far beyond the streets of Boston. Tess and Carlos is known for their carefully tailored, Italian-inspired fine cottons, linens, and printed tops and dresses. After nearly two decades in business, Tess & Carlos has expanded from their first Harvard Square store and now includes additional locations in Concord, Weston, Pittsford, NY, and now, Tiverton Four Corners.

Since the success of her urban storefronts, Tess says she was ready to get back to basics and the quiet charm and pace of Tiverton Four Corners is exactly what she had in mind. The town is, in many ways, a reflection of the Tess and Carlos brand itself: simple, casual, elegant and filled with culture.

“Our style is classic yet so different from anything you see in department stores; it’s very European,” says Tess.

And what exactly will you find at the Tiverton Tess and Carlos? Dresses, tops, accessories, and more. “Lots of people come for the t-shirts because the quality of cotton is just amazing,” says Tess, but she admits her Samantha Sung dresses are also a crowd pleaser.

“They will receive a lot of complements on what they’re wearing because the clothes are not fussy. People say, ‘Oh My God, that looks great on you,’ because it’s so simple. There’s really something for everyone.” says Tess.

In addition to stocking the work of fabulous international designers, the store offers very personalized attention and personal shoppers by request so you will walk out with everything you need to complete your on-of-a-kind wardrobe.

With summer at our fingertips, we invite you to stop by, stock up, and dress your best for this gorgeous season at Tess and Carlos. The new shop is located at 3879 Main Road in Tiverton, RI.


Cutie Curls Consignment is All for Good

With every ending comes a new beginning. So is the fashionable story at a first floor shop in Tiverton Four Corners where India Kenyon has transformed the once vacant space formerly occupied by Little Purls into something a little different: a little more glitzy, a little more global, and certainly just as cute.

Cutie Curls is a children’s consignment boutique infused with an impressive inventory of new items, locally-made accessories, baby blankets, toys, shoes and so much more all at consignment prices. A resident of Little Compton with 3 girls of her own, India sorely missed the well-loved children’s shop, Little Purls, after it closed but realized an even greater longing for affordable boutique-quality shopping in the Four Corners area. So was born Cutie Curls.

India hand-makes many of the colorful accessories you’ll find in the small shop. From flowery barrettes, to colorful hats and glittery headbands, are all the product of a crafty mom who spent years devoted to sewing dance costumes and sports uniforms for a small clientele (including her three girls). India’s “at home” business grew into a wholesale business which included statewide sales in 32 shops around Rhode Island before she finally opened Cutie Curls in the Mill Pond Shops of Four Corners this passed December.

Despite a passion for pink, India hopes to pass along more than just glamor and great prices to her shoppers. She describes the Cutie Curls motto as, “you get back what you give,” and so, she gives a lot…to local charities, social workers, fire fighters, and other community support systems to provide clothing and toys to those in need. Most impressively she has passed on this love of philanthropy onto her own daughter who has become an active member of the non-profit organization Water for Cambodia. Along with installing water filters to provide clean water to villagers, India’s daughter Nina brings clothing from her mom’s shop to give to Cambodian residents. Now Cutie Curls has a piece of Cambodia on their shelves too. Beautiful handmade scarves and accessories are available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds directly funding this extraordinary charity.

So if you like to shop and like to give (and maybe get a little something too) stop by Cutie Curls at 3952 Main Road in Tiverton Four Corners. India welcomes new consigners who can receive 40% for their consignment sales or donate the 40% to a charity of their choice including Water for Cambodia. This summer the store also looks forward to hosting children’s authors, storytimes, and special events outside in the historic village. For this cutie consignment store, their story has just begun.

Cutie Curls is open Wednesdays through Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also visit them on Facebook.


Salt, a sweet new boutique

Reminiscent of ocean tides and sandy summer shorelines, Salt, the newest boutique to open in Four Corners, has more than a beachy name. It’s colorful and stylish assortment of clothing, beach bags, gifts, and more will have you yearning for a well-dressed day in the sand.

Opened just in time to perk up your wardrobe for the summer, the beautiful boutique carries a wide selection of apparel for both women and men. Think nautical strips, bold prints, and eco-minded wear like recycled wire bracelets and Adriano Goldschmied denim (made exclusively in the USA). Other popular accessories like Societe de Senteur –gorgeous fragrances with a euro flare– and  locally made sea glass jewelry make for an entirely sensual shopping trip. Salt’s most sought after items include new Roberta Roller Rabbit patterned beach bags with India-inspired prints, and Jennywear Jewlery, the recently preferred alternative to Alex and Ani, personalized and made with real sterling silver.

Salt is the sister store to a popular Newport, RI boutique, Aqua, but as owner Emily Wheeler describes it, much more relaxed. Emily, a beach addict herself, lives just up the road from Four Corners and has always loved the quaint village shopping. She is excited to be a part of the local business community, and Four Corners is more than happy to have her. What’s not to love about fresh colors, cute and functional beach wear, and adorable jewelry?

Salt is located right next to The Cottage and across the street from Roseberry and Winn and plans to stay open year-round. So come grab a cookie at the Provender and dive into a day of local shopping starting at Salt!

For updates and more information you can visit Salt and Aqua on their Facebook page.


Sunkissed Studio Makes its Debut

How does a painter paint, and paint well? What are the methods, the tricks, and techniques? These were questions answered for Libby Manchester Gilpatric–lover of light, contrast, and color– when she dove into an inspiring academic career at Lyme Academy.  Before then she had been an avid calligrapher and dabbled in watercolors, but it wasn’t until her move to New England that she endeavored to fulfill her dream of becoming a skilled oil painter. Learning under precise and diligent “American masters” she accomplished something great: a wealth of oil paintings, numerous awards, and now, her own studio in Tiverton Four Corners.

The small second-floor room on the corner of Main Road is a place of wonder. Cultured, gentle, and sultry, her realist paintings live on hand-stretched linen canvases bringing a home to spirited scenes from her imagination. Having traveled widely in her career and lifetime landscapes dominate her inspiration although, for Libby, subjects are always the most interesting. “I love to paint figures, it’s always based on something real for me,” she says. In her studio overlooking the small village you will discover a world of fishermen, hydrangeas, bedrooms, and corn fields. Her paintings range in size and appear in galleries around the state. Most recently, her work has received the worthy title “Best in Show” at the Little Compton Art Show.

Of all painting practices mastered and spontaneous, the most tantalizing for Gilpatric is the color play. As she explains, fundamental oil painting technique limits the painter to four or so colors, the basic earth tones found in nature. “I love mixing color, I find it very satisfying to mix those colors and see how many you can make.” One look at Gilpatric’s studio and you will realize her success: a world of colors dark, deep, rich, light, fresh, fragrant, and wonderful.

“Oil paintings go through transitions; the coloring acts differently and you can’t always control exactly how it will change overtime; It’s so forgiving.”

Now beginning her own artistic transformation, Libby has the pleasure of working with the most natural light in her studio career at this new Tiverton setting. “This is the purest light you can get,” she says motioning toward the natural light pouring from not two, but three large windows around the room. After spending the first weeks setting up the studio, she it ready to get to work, and visitors can be sure with this potent mixture of unblended light, experienced passion, and oil painting prowess they will find exceptional works of art here.

Libby is a member of the SouthCoast Artists Group. You can visit her in the studio at 3879 Main Rd. in Tiverton Four Corners anytime, or stop by her website or Facebook page for updates on her work. Libby is also offering private art lessons, call her at 401-440-3974 to make an appointment.


Yarn for Everyone!

There’s a new yarn shop in town! It’s Perfectly Twisted Yarn, a sweet and simple addition to the Four Corners Village happily stocking a colorful inventory of yarns and accessories for everyone’s knitting needs. After Sakonnet Pearls closed earlier this year a piece of village life was missing from the hearts of locals, luckily these three women banned together to bring back what they and many other yarn-lovers were sorely missing. They are Kate, Karen, and Maureen, a mother, daughter, and good friend with a combined mastermind of knowledge about all things knitting.

Not just a yarn shop the ladies hope to create a new community gathering space for folks to spend as long as their hearts desire to sit, learn, and knit. The women hope to commence classes in the fall, so check back at their website often for up to date information on products and class offerings. In the meantime, stop by and say hello to the newest members of four corners community and most delightful knitting shop around. From buttons to bags this shop will surely inspire your inner knitter.

Perfectly Twisted Yarn is open Tuesday-Sunday 12:30-5pm at 3879 Main Rd next to the Provender. Visit them online at

Summer is prettier on The Farm

A new corner stop is making summer just a little more beautiful in Tiverton Four Corners. It’s an outdoor agriculture center called, The Farm and it’s run by Peggy Siebrandt and Gayla Gibbons. The two women have lovingly flattered a once vacant lot with lavender, roses, shrubs, and an array of freshly cut flowers. “It’s been my dream,” says Peggy glancing at the land that stretches back into her farmhouse hidden on the hill. The Farm wraps around a small country shred decorated with foxglove and rose shrubs. 

Though just off the main road, this little oasis keeps you blissfully surrounded by fragrant florals wherever you wander on the stone path. The desire to create beautiful spaces like this one has been long-time goal for Peggy; after a career in hospitality, she cooperated to open The Chandler in Newport, Rhode Island where she soon became enchanted with the sweet solitude of nearby-Tiverton’s back roads. “This is more my speed,” says Peggy who grew up on a farm in Nebraska. Now she’s opened her backyard to visitors with the same hospitality-driven mindset, an artful eye for beauty, and now, a green thumb. Neighbors are thanking Peggy for the tasteful and graceful face-lift to the corner lot.

As for the name, The Farm, Peggy says that’s been her go-to phrase for years, it’s where she’s always gone back to, and where she’s always came from. Don’t miss your chance to stop by The Farm, just across from Milk and Honey Bazzaar on Main Rd, for gardening advice, landscape planning, or a fresh walk in a countryside garden.

The pace here is as leisurely as a warm summer day.

Studio by the Sea is a Coastal Gem

A sparkling glass pendant known as the Fleur de Moi is jeweler Peter Tirpaeck’s latest project, but it’s certainly not his only one. A steady stream of work finds this established jeweler in his new studio in Tiverton Four Corners, where he custom designs men’s and women’s jewelry and fashion accessories while repairing, cleaning, and re-purposing old jewelry-box gems.

Miles above mall-store quality, you won’t ever find two of the same things here, “I make it better,” says Peter, and a well-trained eye would agree. Everything at Studio by the Sea is custom made in the shop in a wide range of styles, sizes, and volume.  An exquisite spacial, dimensional, and almost hypnotic quality to his work no doubt stems from his unique life perspective and a reflective mentality; “I like to go into another dimension” says Peter. He studied at RISD, and the Gemological Institute of America, but according to Peter, his greatest influence has been the multitude of artists he’s observed and absorbed. You can’t make it all up by yourself,” he says of his inspirations, “you’re not supposed to.” Still, years of metal work and mental precision combined with a jovial passion for finding his true calling make for stellar works of gem and metal art.


Since Peter moved into Four Corners in May, he’s spent his time coming up with new products –like the mandala-inspired “spinner”– as well as generating a generous inventory for the cozy second-floor shop. His pieces are products of a delicate process, “Whether it is the carving of a wax to cast a mold, or the setting of a stone ,or restoring a family heirloom, the attention we afford a piece always provides us with a different perspective from that which we started with,” says Peter. Detailed as a jeweler’s work can be, Peter works to capture each piece as part of a larger whole. The Fleur de Moi, for example, is a pendant belt but also a metaphor for a deeper self-awareness; positioned on your third chakra, the mica-speckled pendant is meant to symbolize dedication to self and an awareness for other’s respect for themselves. Peter spends time thinking about the life of his work long after it leaves the shop, with a graceful blend of mastery and utility.

After spending over four years in business at a studio in Little Compton, Peter is enthusiastic about the new wave of customers and business in Four Corners; “this is a true village,” he says, and visitors to Peter’s zen-like studio space will feel right at home.

No project is too big or small, Peter repairs everything and welcomes visitors for free cleaning, and design consultations. You can find him upstairs at 3879 Main Road in Tiverton, whistling while he works Wednesday through Sunday 11-5pm.

A Fresh Face for Summer in Four Corners

Tiverton Four Corners is proud to announce a handful of new shops and events to the neighborhood this summer, along with the usual store and event favorites you wont want to miss. Recently welcomed to the village, Perfectly Twisted Yarn and Studio by the Sea are both settled in at 3879 Main Rd next to the Provender. Just up the road, artist Katherine Lovell will enjoy her first summer in Four Corners at her studio in the Mill Pond Shops (south of the light). This Saturday June 9th  is the first growers market of the season! Expect to see your favorite quality vendors, musical performances, childrens activities, demonstrations, and more all summer long.

After you browse the market, head across the street to the new shops. Peter Tirpaeck is the owner of Studio by the Sea. Having moved his jeweler’s shop from Little Compton to Tiverton Four Corners, he hopes to create a more vivid and lively space for doing business. Partners Kate, Karen, and Maureen are excited to be a part of the T4C community at their new shop, Perfectly Twisted Yarn. They will be open daily 12-5 carrying yarn and knitting accessories and featuring lessons plus plenty of light-filled space to sit and knit. Katherine Lovell has been in Four Corners since January but looks forward to a busy summer in the studio where she’ll offer children’s art classes and lovely works of nature-inspired art.

Stay tuned for in-depth introductions to all three wonderful new small businesses!


This summer in Four Corners will also feature concerts, films, studio tours, demonstrations, and workshops. Enriching and picturesque Four Corners has a lot to offer this summer. Come “discover Rhode Island style” in Four Corners and let us know what you think!