Studio by the Sea is a Coastal Gem

A sparkling glass pendant known as the Fleur de Moi is jeweler Peter Tirpaeck’s latest project, but it’s certainly not his only one. A steady stream of work finds this established jeweler in his new studio in Tiverton Four Corners, where he custom designs men’s and women’s jewelry and fashion accessories while repairing, cleaning, and re-purposing old jewelry-box gems.

Miles above mall-store quality, you won’t ever find two of the same things here, “I make it better,” says Peter, and a well-trained eye would agree. Everything at Studio by the Sea is custom made in the shop in a wide range of styles, sizes, and volume.  An exquisite spacial, dimensional, and almost hypnotic quality to his work no doubt stems from his unique life perspective and a reflective mentality; “I like to go into another dimension” says Peter. He studied at RISD, and the Gemological Institute of America, but according to Peter, his greatest influence has been the multitude of artists he’s observed and absorbed. You can’t make it all up by yourself,” he says of his inspirations, “you’re not supposed to.” Still, years of metal work and mental precision combined with a jovial passion for finding his true calling make for stellar works of gem and metal art.


Since Peter moved into Four Corners in May, he’s spent his time coming up with new products –like the mandala-inspired “spinner”– as well as generating a generous inventory for the cozy second-floor shop. His pieces are products of a delicate process, “Whether it is the carving of a wax to cast a mold, or the setting of a stone ,or restoring a family heirloom, the attention we afford a piece always provides us with a different perspective from that which we started with,” says Peter. Detailed as a jeweler’s work can be, Peter works to capture each piece as part of a larger whole. The Fleur de Moi, for example, is a pendant belt but also a metaphor for a deeper self-awareness; positioned on your third chakra, the mica-speckled pendant is meant to symbolize dedication to self and an awareness for other’s respect for themselves. Peter spends time thinking about the life of his work long after it leaves the shop, with a graceful blend of mastery and utility.

After spending over four years in business at a studio in Little Compton, Peter is enthusiastic about the new wave of customers and business in Four Corners; “this is a true village,” he says, and visitors to Peter’s zen-like studio space will feel right at home.

No project is too big or small, Peter repairs everything and welcomes visitors for free cleaning, and design consultations. You can find him upstairs at 3879 Main Road in Tiverton, whistling while he works Wednesday through Sunday 11-5pm.

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