K Lovell a New Town Favorite

Surrounded by paint and inspired by nature, Kathrine Lovell has created a unique space to honor the two in her bright and open gallery in Tiverton Four Corners. Here you will find clean and contemporary works, a bold fusion of the graceful natural world and sharp geometric slices of color. 

Kathrine moved her studio to Four Corners from Barrington last year after becoming enchanted with the “amazingly supportive” artistic community along the south coast– or FarmCoast— region. Her rustic studio overlooking Tiverton farmland is also a perk. Katherine quickly became an active participant in this arts community, taking her place as a member of the T4C Merchants Association and bountiful group of South Coast Artists. She organized a new showing of art at the Tiverton Four Corners Grower’s Markets so that visitors can preview of the work of one SCAs while filling bags with local veggies. 

But mostly since she’s been here she’s been painting. Captivated by the subjective way we  see, her work is an energized interpretation nature. “We don’t see nature by itself anymore,” she says, referring to the many filters humans extend onto the natural world; whether it’s experience, technology, buildings, or cityscapes the geometric patterns represent this human influence. Even so, Kathrine’s generously sized acrylic and watercolor works portray a fruitful world in the midst of our meddling. Kathrine graduated from RISD with a BFA in painting and a rich resume of teaching art to all ages. She hopes to share this passion with the Four Corners community and beyond.

We are looking forward to some wonderful nature-inspired works this fall with Kathrine’s bird series, Birds of a Feather, beginning September 8th through the 22nd. This exhibit will include a smattering of local artists and their renditions of “Birds of a Feather.” A portion of all proceeds will benefit the Tiverton Land Trust. If you have a painting or collection you’d like to exhibit contact Kathrine at www.kathrinelovell.com.

Art is sprouting up in Tiverton like our summer gardens and we couldn’t be more pleased. 

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