The Meeting House: Love at First Sight

 Simple beauty of the most splendid sort can sometimes be found in the likeliest of places. The Meeting House in Four Corners is well-situated treasure, tucked inside the elegant folds of Tiverton Four Corners’ rural horizon. It’s placement amidst the 300-year old historic village embraces a rich culture of New England traditions and classical charm. But even a place surrounded by picturesque farmland, and gorgeous bay views can take you by surprise…

An entirely functional special event facility, The Meeting House sits gracefully awaiting guests of all kinds. First used as an art gallery, the House now welcomes non-profit events, private parties, and most of the time, brides and grooms. The Meeting House was built in the late 90s on over an acre of private land, surrounded by overflowing shade trees and thick greenery, making it a perfect location for intimate gatherings.  The large barn-style house features a simple white wall interior lined with thick wood beams and generous amount of sun-lit space. This ambient architecture mimics the structure and simplicity of old 17th and 18th century meeting houses, preserving the ideas of grace and fortitude present in an early New England sanctuaries.

If you find yourself at the Meeting House, take a minute to walk behind the grassy hills of its backyard, or to sit quietly under the expanded ceilings of the roof. There you might discover the sanctity of peace, love in the silence, and simplitity in the beauty. Recently, The Meeting House adopted the saying “Tis a gift to be simple..” a line from an 18th century Shaker hymn reminding us that simplicity is a time-honored heirloom passed down through generations to have and to hold.

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