In Shape in Four Corners

Kettlebells, Vinyasa, Turbo-Spin… whether these words are new to you, or entirely familiar, you can be sure they will improve your health. Just ask Steve Priestner. He’s the main man at Four Corners Fitness, a personal training studio and fitness center known to motivate health into your mind and body.

Four Corners Fitness has been around the block for a few years offering extremely personalized personal training. With no membership or initiation fees, it makes for a welcoming and desirable fitness destination. Steve Priestner, along with a qualified team of certified trainers and instructors, represent a well-rounded, whole health-minded program focused on fulfilling your long-term health goals. Weather it’s shedding pounds, getting toned, or just getting motivated, getting a personal trainer gives just the right amount of boost, making it easier to set goals and keep them, all you have to do first is arrive. In the last year, the studio team has added a range of energizing fitness classes at the adjacent ABC studio, catering to all levels of age, interest, and ability.

More than a fitness studio, Four Corners Fitness a community gathering place, says Priestner. Going to class at ABC studio gives Tiverton and Little Compton folk a chance to meet up, exchange their town’s respective happenings, and maybe sweat a little, or a lot, depending on which class they attend. An average Kettlebells workout burns a whopping 1200 calories in just one hour, and high-energy indoor cycling could burn anywhere from 400-600 calories in a single session. If this doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry, a generous offering of yoga, tai chi, and zumba are available to get your blood flowing.

And, because aesthetics matter, an airy studio atmosphere invites just the right amount of privacy, light, and open space. 

Another charming perk of working out here is the beautiful collection of art work by local artist Kelly Milukas displayed on the fitness center walls. Created for the Key Campaign, colorful paintings and photographs for sale celebrate the science of regenerative medicine and the body’s unique ability to heal itself.

Whether you find yourself doing bicep curls or downward dog, Four Corners Fitness is a delightful place to be for appreciating the most important and versatile tool in your life, your body. 

Personal Training is offered by appointment and fitness classes are offered morning, afternoon and evening. To see the full schedule of classes visit 

7 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    Four Corners is a great studio with a varied range of offerings that compliment each other nicely – I was really impressed. The black and white cat that greets you at the door is really a nice touch too!

  2. tivertonfourcorners says:

    Kathy, There’s a photo of this cat on the Farmcoast Flicker!

    We caught him lifting weights at the gym, he was embarrassed…

  3. Steve says:

    The cat is a three legged gray& white cat that was abandoned here,now she is the mascot.

  4. Nancy Watson says:

    I love the space,and my afternoon workouts are life changing

  5. Nancy Watson says:

    I enjoy every workout,the staff ,and the place is immaculate( very professional)

  6. Susan says:

    Steve and Tiffany the wonder cat make Four Corners Fitness the best kind of community. We always leave energized, happy, and eager for the next session.

  7. Stephanie Sanford says:

    Tiverton Four Corners is the most feline friendly workout you’ll ever have. Nice space, nice people.

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