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Greenland Kayaking & Special Film Showing of “The Wedding of Palo“

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WHEN: April 17, 2010
WHERE: The Meeting House
Free and Open to the Public

The Four Corners Arts Center is pleased to present an evening about Greenland Kayaking together with a special showing of “The Wedding of Palo”, a documentary film made in 1933 about an Inuit community in Greenland. The event is sponsored by Westport’s Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures.  There will also be a presentation of traditional Greenland kayaking by Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson.

“The Wedding of Palo” was filmed in 1933 by Knud Rassmussen, a Danish explorer and ethnographer.   Unlike a conventional documentary describing the lives of Inuit before the arrival of Christianity in Greenland, Rassmussen creates a story line –  a love triangle with an unmarried Inuit woman and two hunter/suitors – and uses the villagers as his “actors”.  This film is currently in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  Rassmussen died from food poisoning shortly before completing the film, which was finished in Denmark by his film crew.

Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson are partners in a company, Kayak Ways, that is based on the notion that traditional kayaking skills and tools of the Inuit seal catchers offer valuable lessons for modern day recreational kayakers. Both Cheri and Turner have won gold medals in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships and have demonstrated Greenlandic kayaking techniques throughout the USA and in Europe.  Turner now builds custom Greenland-style skin on frame qajaq, paatit (Greenland paddles), and norsq (rolling sticks) as well as teaching workshops for individuals and groups.